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Patient Satisfaction Survey 2016

Select one of the sections below to view the questions posed to our patients, and their feedback on our service.

Directions to ACES

Locating ACES


Understanding the reason for the appointment

Helpfulness of staff on the phone

ACES opening hours

How long new patients waited for their appointment

Helpfulness of receptionist

Friendliness of receptionist

Quality of waiting area

Cleanliness of waiting area

How well they listened to patients

How well they explained the treatments / test / problems

How well they put the patient at ease

The quality of the care they provided

1 - Quality of the consultation room

2 - How well the clinician listened

3 - How well the clinician explained treatments / tests / problems

4 - How well the clinician answered the patient's questions

5 - How well they put the patient at ease

6 - How much the patient was involved in the decisions about their care

7 - The length of the consultation

8 - The overall quality of the consultaion

1 - Information provided before surgery

2 - Care from HCA before surgery

3 - How well patient questions were answered on the day of surgery

4 - Care from theatre staff during surgery

5 - Quality of theatre facilities

6 - Cleanliness of theatre facilities

7 - Care from HCA or hospitality lady after surgery

8 - Post-operative information provided

Overall Rating

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